Teach your kids the healthy way of life.

Good stuff from a good dad. Way to go Mike and Bella!


Expose your kids to the world of Multi sport.

This afternoon was one of those moments in life I live for; one of those days that I’ll never forget. It might have been cold, rainy and windy but that did not stop my 9 year old daughter Bella and I from going out for a little 2 mile run. As a multi sport athlete myself I have taken time to expose my daughter to this and get her involved get her to love swim, bike, run as much as I do. I can’t really think of a better way to spend time with family than getting some exercise and teaching your kids the great benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Of course our little workouts always come with a treat at the end which makes it even more special. Like today we went to Caribou for a hot coco and…

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