JCC/TKC Family Triathlon

New TRI Team in College Station is rocking and rolling!

trinity multisport

May 6th, 2012

Our team represented themselves as honorable competitiors at the first USAT Regional Youth Series Race of the season. Hosted at the JCC/TKC Family Triathlon, this race was in its fourth season; however, the directors and volunteers had never seen such a competitive field of youth triathletes and were a bit overwhelmed with the level of competitiveness and speed of the triathletes.  There were more competitive youth triathletes then there were participatory athletes.

We are very proud of our team members with how they conducted themselves and overwhelmingly supported each other during the race.  The race video captures this wonderfully and it can be seen on our 2012 Videos page.

It was great to compete against notable triathletes such as: Nicolas & Andres Restrepo, Kaytlynn & Heather Welch, Mateo Shanahan, Raul Luzardo, Olivia Howard, and Helene Farris to name a few.  On a team front, it was fun to…

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